Through the return to the heart,

body and soul can heal

In my long-term work with people, I have found that many try to solve problems psychologically, i.e. intellectually, but this does not bring long-term improvement. If emotional problems burden the soul or the heart, then recovery must begin there too.


In the time with you, we will look for the cause of your emotional stress or physical illness together. I propose solutions and show you possible change processes, I support and accompany you on your way. Every consultation, every support is very individual. I only go with you as far as it is possible for you at the moment. At the end of a consultation, you will usually receive an energetic relaxation or a short massage, so that you leave each appointment calm and strengthened.



120 euros (up to 90 minutes)


Home visits plus 10 euros



0178 / 2 69 75 63




Christina Weber

Diploma of Aromatherapy, Expert of Herbal Medicine, Wild Lady, Naturopath for Psychotherapy