Balm for your soul

In the course of our lives there are always times of transition: puberty, pregnancy, moving house, menopause, burnout and others. Some transitions are easy and almost happen by themselves, some transitions are difficult. Accepting a new situation, letting go of something, accepting it can cause problems. Then it's good to get support.

I will accompany you through your difficult life situation with gentle and helpful methods. Step by step and at your own pace, I will support you to change your life pattern so that you can lead a healthy and balanced life. It is important to me to accompany you with my extensive knowledge as an expert in aromatherapy and herbal medicine, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and Reiki master.



120 euros (up to 90 minutes)


Home visits plus 10 euros



0178 / 2 69 75 63



Christina Weber

Diploma of Aromatherapy, Expert of Herbal Medicine, Wild Lady, Naturopath for Psychotherapy