Christina Weber

Diploma of Aomatherapy, Expert of herbal medicine, Reiki master, Alternative Practitioner for Psychotherapy

I spent my childhood and youth in the GDR. There I developed an extraordinary longing for freedom. I wanted to travel the world.


I worked for a Bank for a long time, including in Frankfurt / Main. For over two years I gave myself up to the vortex and made a little career. I was jointly responsible for the biggest project in that big bank. I worked 60 hours or more. One day I was sick. When I felt a little better, I was horrified to find that I had neglected all my hobbies, that there were no books piled by my bed, and that I was no longer myself. That was the beginning of the end of my "old life". I took a break for almost 5 months and traveled to Australia, New Caledonia and Samoa. The slowness and relaxation of the South Pacific carried over to me. And I started to think about what I want for myself in my life and what I see as my calling. The day before I left, I literally stumbled upon an offer for an aromatherapy massage. It was just what I wanted - before my 24-hour flight I wanted to treat myself to something pleasant.


This aromatherapy massage should change my whole life! It was the most relaxing thing I had ever experienced. I was excited. I asked the aromatherapist where she learned this and she gave me the college homepage. I flew back, but the idea of becoming an aromatherapist never left me. Back in Germany I gave myself 3 more days to think everything through, but my body gave me clear signs and so I began to make all preparations for my new life. After 6 months the time had finally come and I flew back to Sydney to start studying aromatherapy.


Studying was tough. But I learned a lot, also about myself. After successfully completing the Diploma of Aromatherpy, I worked in Australia and New Zealand for a while. There I was ordained a Reiki master. I traveled the world for another 18 months until I moved back to my home town Berlin and gave birth to my son in 2006. I have been working as an aromatherapist and lecturer since 2006.

My lessons are structured and very varied. We approach essential oils through a fragrance experience. This experience can be different for everyone, but the "essence" of the essential oil can always be recognized. The fragrance profiles are then discussed in detail and case studies provide a good understanding of the possible uses of the essential oil.

I value great importance to a high quality of my training and many practical exercises. My goal is to prepare you as best as possible for your essential oil work. You will get to know different wraps, rubs, partial massages, baths and other things and together we will make a balm, a bodylotion, vaginal suppositories and much more.

Everything that you experience yourself or that you work on in the group will be better remembered so that you can always refer to it later. There is also the regular opportunity to discuss your own case studies so that at the end of the training you are confident in the selection of the essential oils for an application.

Christina Weber

Diploma of Aromatherapy, Expert of Herbal Medicine, Wild Lady, Naturopath for Psychotherapy