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Shattered dreams

When you realise you built your life around shattered dreams, you realise you built it on false conditions, on outdated belief system. You find yourself in a corner around splintered pieces of what you dreamed of. You see yourself suffering and mourning and you understand that you let yourself down because you did not want to see or feel your suffering. You did close the door tightly to feelings you did not want to feel.

But now this door swung wide open, you can not close it, you have to feel! Life is forcing you to feel! Do not close your heart or eyes. Feel!!! You will survive. Crowl to yourself in that corner and feel! Don't be afraid of deep feelings. They are part of yourself. Hold yourself! Listen to your wounded self. Save yourself! Do not wait for someone else to do it.

Take the pieces of your shattered dreams and look at every piece closely. Where did that dream come from? Did someone wanted you to live like that? Did anyone tell you how to be? How to live? Is it what you truly want? What your heart, your soul need? So maybe it was not a dream. Maybe it was someone elses dream. How does that feel?

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